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te, that he had only a small handful of spikes (used to deflate tires of pursing policemen) found in the center console of his car), and that the gear found inside the car was no


der the banner "Opening the Doors to Caribbean Winds." LOS ANGELES, May 10 (Xinhua) -- A new technology enabling a 3D printer to print a gun which can fire real bullets has brough.


nce and irresponsibility of officials," saying the measures were essential and urgent to prevent the communist society self-destructing. In the past three years, dozens of governm.


e are beginning to change the history of communications," said Mauro Andino, the ruling party lawmaker who sponsored the bill. The right-wing opposition and journalists who consid.


weeks' time, the electoral authority said late Sunday. (Xinhua/Kent Gilbert) SAN JOSE, Feb. 2 (Xinhua) -- None of the 13 candidates in Costa Rica's presidential race succeeded in.

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le of the damage done. Ashley Moser's losses and daughter's death have triggered widespread angst throughout the community and the nation, and even Holmes testified to a psychiatr.

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oon," Parody said, noting the talks, which were to begin late Thursday afternoon, would coincide with May 1 International Workers' Day celebrations. Some 9 million students around.

results underscore just how divided the nation is on this issue, Gallup found. As a result, President Barack Obama's campaign strategy team obviously is continuing to grapple with.

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